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My Story

I'm primarily a visual artist, but dabble in composing music too. I've been doing this for 7 years and recently got super-excited about the field of generative art, particularly the kind that can be created with computer programs. I have almost completely moved away from classic canvas work. I do, however, like to make my artwork into "real" pieces by plotting or printing them, which I encourage my patrons to do.


I recently started to post my work on the NFT platform Opensea. You can check out the collections I've uploaded there, or on this website.

I hope you enjoy my art collections. 


You can find my work exhibited on Opensea, and on this site. Links to collections and individual pieces are available in each gallery.

In the future, I plan to display my work in the Metaverse.

Tech stack

I use a variety of platforms for my work.


For example, the See Animals, Jamboree and Infamous Peoples collections were made using Python and Tensorflow machine learning libraries (GANs and style transfer learning).


For generative works such as Linea Rosa and Popcorn, I used Javascript (Processing or p5.js).


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